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Best Robotic Cell Company In Bangalore
Are you facing production capacity challenges, labour shortages, quality variability, the standard robotic welding cell from Madox Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the solution to address your key business challenges. Our “Ready to Weld” Arc welding cell is an excellent option for companies who adopting automation for the first time, or companies that are looking for a strategic automation partner to help them move forward “Ready to Weld” robotic arc welding cells are complete robot systems available in several flexible and adaptable standard modular packages. They are delivered to weld and provide the manufacturer with a competitive advantage. Our cells are designed to meet the most common robotic welding needs. Our standard offerings are having customization option for the equipments and we help our customer for a fast way to get started on your automation journey.

Advantages of the “Ready to Weld” Robotic cell

Ensure 100% productivity
The cell has a turntable which can accommodate 2 or more fixtures, so while welding a component other side second component clamping can happen. This reduces the production cycle time and increase productivity

Higher Flexibility
The cell is offered with great flexibility to change the welding fixtures as and when required. The modular design of the cell will enable easy access to the system.

The cell is offered for various Arc welding application like Mig & Tig. We offer customisation option to customer for choosing their preferred brand of Robot & Welding power source.

Easily movable/transferable
The entire cell can be moved or repositioned very easily since the total system sit on a frame. The cell generally looks similar to a standard machine and this becomes of your shop floor

The cell design is made by ensuring all the safety parameters and entire cell totally covered. We have incorporated many safety sensors and interlocks to maximize the equipment safety