Best Automation Installation Companies

Whether in the field of control engineering or automation, we are there for you every step of the way with valuable advice and support. Having satisfied and loyal customers is our highest priority. We offer Automation, Installation & Commissioning support for the projects across globe. We provide the highest level of service to our clients because of our years of hands-on experience and expertise. Our aim is to empower the customer with quick cost-effective services without taking the help of manufacturer. Many companies like to buy the standard product from reputed manufacturer and install with their own team,

we help in such cases with the below service offering.

  • Pre-Commissioning services
  • Control Systems Integration
  • Automation Installation & supervision
  • Electrical Installation & supervision
  • DCS Installation & Commissioning
  • SCADA Installation & Commissioning
  • PLC Installation & Commissioning
  • Robot Installation & Commissioning
  • PLC/SCADA/DCS On-site program development
  • Program Optimization & Customization
  • Network & Communication support
  • Drives Configuration & Commissioning
  • Instrument Configuration
  • Loop Checking & Calibration
  • Training on control systems

Whether in Asia, America, Africa, or Europe, MadoX employees have assembled installations around the world resulting in international experience. Continuing education and regular training are important for employee metrics at Madox. Satisfied customers and high-quality output are our top priority both during internal production as well as completing installations & commissioning at customer locations. We emphasize on minimizing downtime and maximizing on-site safety when installing any new automation and control system. On-site safety throughout the process system integration is the main concern for the MadoX automated systems engineering team. We retain a record of zero installation incidents by utilizing a qualified, well-trained workforce that is guided by experienced engineering managers who follow an established set of safety procedures and protocols.