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Inspection robots are mobile service robots with advanced vision sensors, typically used for the inspection of critical and high-value infrastructure. Inspection robots are either semi-autonomous, where they have been taught established paths, or fully autonomous, able to navigate themselves. We provide robotic inspection solutions using Vision-based systems or collaborating with a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). Normally collaborative Robots or COBOTS are widely used for inspection applications.

In many manufacturing environments, the need for accurate and reliable inspections can make these processes a bottleneck in overall production. Industrial robotic inspection work cells also increase throughput by eliminating inspection bottlenecks, allowing other production processes to move forward at full speed. In our solution Robots can handle workpieces to stationary quality inspection sensors, or present parts directly to a human for visual inspection. Robots also can handle inspection devices like sensors of all kinds & metrology measuring heads.
Robotic Inspection
Industrial robots are perfectly suited to boost accuracy and throughput for industrial inspection applications. Quality control jobs with a robot or cobot are becoming common by handling workpieces in front of a sensor or in/out a quality check station. We also offer a robotic solution for functional testing of any equipment or components. MadoX offers comprehensive solution for Robotic Inspection and they are
  • Inspection using Collaborative Robot (COBOT)
  • Robotic vision inspection – Solution with Vision cameras
  • Robotic sensor-based inspection – Solution with different application sensors.
  • Robotic welding inspection – Quality and Measuring solution for Arc Welding.
  • Functional Testing – Solution for repeated cycle test.
  • Chemical sampling – Solution for hazardous material inspection
  • Medical sector – Solution using medical equipment.
  • Aerospace – Solution for inspection of high precision components
Robotic Inspection

Robotics System integration deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of industrial Robots. Madox designs and integrates innovative and cost-effective robotic solutions for all complicated applications to everyday tasks. We provide Robotic cell solutions with ABB, Fanuc, Yaskawa, Kuka and many other Robot brands available in India. With over a decade and more years of experience in the Robotics Automation Industry, we have designed and installed hundreds of successful Robotic systems across the country for various applications. At Madox Technologies, we begin all projects by carefully understanding our customers’ requirements and asking ourselves how we can help enhance their experience and efficiently integrate a robotic solution into their production. Our experienced in-house team of engineers evaluate the specialized needs of your application, while integrating the latest technologies to work with it. We always assure the quality and reliability of our robotics solutions with innovative designs. Madox, as a turnkey solutions provider, has been successfully helping many of the leading manufactures to reduce operating costs and improve long term sustainability. Our team has a vast experience in handling the below listed Robotics Applications, type of robots, design and manufacture the peripheral equipment.