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Robotic dispensing can refer to a large variety of applications. Spraying Systems, pouring liquids, dispensing small objects, filling up containers, are just some of the examples commonly associated with dispensing. MadoX offers Robotic dispensing and Robotic Spraying solutions to our customers in collaboration with multiple dispensing systems available in the market. We have a good track record on Robotic paint spraying applications in the Automotive industry. Typical examples for the Robotic dispensing solutions which we provide are.

  • Robotic Spraying
  • Robotic Painting
  • Robotic Sealing
  • Robotic Waxing
  • Robotic Coating
  • Robotic Dosing
Robotic Dispensing Systems
Using industrial robots for dispensing not only increases the speed at which items are released or poured, but also increases the accuracy of exact amounts. Robots can be fitted with specialized end of arm tooling, catering to the specific handling needs of your product Robot dispensers release product evenly and efficiently, excreting the same amount of sealant or adhesive each time. These dispensing robots decrease waste and create an outstanding final product. Robots work with material pumps, regulators, and dispensing guns to apply a material such as sealant, adhesive, or washing solution to a stationary or moving part. In most of those dispensing applications, the robot does not manipulate the dosing tool directly – the robot is handling the part under a dispensing tool, and the dispensing unit is stationary. This is much better for the process stability of the media supply.
Robotic Dispensing Systems
Robotic Dispensing Systems (2)
MadoX offers comprehensive solution for Robotic dispensing and they are,
  • Dispensing using Collaborative Robot (COBOT).
  • Dispensing using SCARA Robot.
  • Dispensing at a Hazardous Area – Solution for Atex rated environment.
  • Automotive Paint booth – Solution with Robotic spraying systems
  • Chemical spraying – Solution with Atex rated Robotic spraying systems.
  • Food Industry – Solution for dispensing various items.
  • 3D Printing – Solution for making 3D objects.
  • Gluing/Sealing application – Solution with a variety of dispensers.

Robotics System integration deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of industrial Robots. Madox designs and integrates innovative and cost-effective robotic solutions for all complicated applications to everyday tasks. We provide Robotic cell solutions with ABB, Fanuc, Yaskawa, Kuka and many other Robot brands available in India. With over a decade and more years of experience in the Robotics Automation Industry, we have designed and installed hundreds of successful Robotic systems across the country for various applications. At Madox Technologies, we begin all projects by carefully understanding our customers’ requirements and asking ourselves how we can help enhance their experience and efficiently integrate a robotic solution into their production. Our experienced in-house team of engineers evaluate the specialized needs of your application, while integrating the latest technologies to work with it. We always assure the quality and reliability of our robotics solutions with innovative designs. Madox, as a turnkey solutions provider, has been successfully helping many of the leading manufactures to reduce operating costs and improve long term sustainability. Our team has a vast experience in handling the below listed Robotics Applications, type of robots, design and manufacture the peripheral equipment.