Car Seat Frame Robotic Welding with Positioners

Spot Welding TCP with ABB Robot

MIG welding of Loading Bay Equipment

Welding Fixture & Table Simulation Check For Truck Cabin

Aluminum Frame Robotic Welding

Agricultural Compenet Welding Cell

Robotic Automated Machine Tending for Static Flushing

Robotic Welding Cell

Bolt and Grommet Sub Assembly SPM


Aluminum/Mild Steel MIG Welding

Cylinder Head Leak Testing

Paint Line Integration

Simulation for Material Handling

Cycle Time Study on Robotstudio

Cylinder Head Machine Tending Into Leak Testing Machines

Robot Training Cell

Robotic Tightening Machine

Madox Technologies Pvt. Ltd.-PCB Transfer Conveyor

Tobacco De-casing onto Conveyor

Stainless Steel Capacitor Box TIG Welding

Robotic Friction Welding Cell

Spline Rolling Machine Tending

Nut height Check Machine-SPM

Robotic Aluminum Welding of Scaffolding

Project : Induction Hardening Machine Tending

Machine Tending of Cage Window

Robotic TIG welding Automation for Aerospace Component